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March 28, 2012

Bishop Ted G. Thomas
3615 Tyre Neck
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Dear Bishop Ted Thomas,

I never met or grew up with my natural father, however, you have been my spiritual father for the last 25 years that I have been in the ministry. You are unquestionably the wisest and the most spiritual person I know. I can't recall anything you can't do. Through the years you have demonstrated a great respect for leadership. Because of your example, I look up to you not only as my Bishop, but also as my Pastor, for you have truly shepherded me through the years. Though your leadership Bishop Thomas, you have influenced and trained a host of godly men in the Church Of God In Christ for the ministry and calling of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 4:15). In these perilous times the church needs visionary leaders like you! We at the “Yeshua” Church of God in Christ love you and I thank you for all you been to me and the ministry. We support you in this endeavor and pray for your elevation to the General Board. Yes! It's time to pass the mantle!

Administrative Assistant Tony Campbell
“Yeshua” Church of God in Christ, Pastor
First Jurisdiction of Virginia


April 2012

Bishop Ted G. Thomas
3615 Tyre Neck
Portsmouth, VA 23703


I am happy to say something about my Bishop who has created the godly atmosphere in which I have been able to thrive in my pursuit of the “high calling in Christ Jesus.”

Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr. became the Bishop of the Historic First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia after the death of Bishop Love and because of the man that he is, has grown the Jurisdiction from about 18 churches to 50 plus. Not only that, along the way he built the Jurisdiction a beautiful headquarters. Bishop Thomas is a family man, churchman, educator, and businessman.  He has done all this and done it well, having prospered in every endeavor – nothing seems to have suffered in the process.  Partly because of the man that he is, I have grown as a man and as a man of God.  For me, he is the embodiment of Hebrews 6:12 which reminds us “…that ye be not slothful, followers of them who through faith, and patience inherit the promises.”  I have been a benefactor both directly and indirectly serving under Bishop Thomas.

Indirectly, he has inspired me to prosper as a family man, churchman, and as a businessman.  When I felt that I was faltering, I looked to his example and it helped me to continue my education, raise and educate my children, be successfully married to my one and only wife of 32 years, and work my way up through the ranks of corporate America – moving from a labor position to eventually holding several executive director positions.

Directly, when I was in some low places in my life, he fathered me and was like a Shepherd as he assisted me through them.  The Loving Church Of God In Christ vision has prospered as a result of his godly counsel. I am honored that Bishop Thomas has appointed me to the State positions that I have held and now hold.

Bishop Thomas is a man of integrity, a holy man, a man of many talents, and a man of great faith. He has served this church at many levels and I believe he will bring additional sacredness and strategic, executive-level experience to the General Board.  I am excited that Church of God in Christ has the opportunity to select him as a General Board member.  When he is selected, I believe the Church will soon rejoice for its selection because of the man that he is.

Administrative Assistant William T. Coles, Sr.
Loving Church Of God In Christ, Pastor

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