His Message

The Challenge

Today, it seems that morality has become a thing of the past. One need only turn on the computer or watch the news to be confronted with the sensationalism of our next “fallen hero” – someone we trusted to guide our community down the right path.

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Brochure Cover

Even worse, issues that at one time were not named among the body of believers have made their way into the church. The clear distinction between a saint and a sinner has blurred as many have incorporated the world into their church services and lifestyles.

The Vision

Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr. has been appointed and anointed by God for such a time as this. He brings an experienced voice and real solutions to the challenges facing the Church Of God In Christ today. He also has a record of producing lasting results in his community, his jurisdiction and our national Church – a testament to his capable leadership.

More importantly, Bishop Thomas has a record of accountability and is a strong and vocal supporter of our leader, the presiding Bishop Charles Blake. Coupled with his love for our Church and its doctrine, Bishop Thomas has the vision to see the Church Of God In Christ return to its glory as the leader of the Pentecostal Movement.

The Message

Leadership is more than a title. Far too often, people go in search of a title without first having the record of experience needed to carry out the responsibilities. As a result, families, churches and communities are left with poor leaders and poor guidance on how to live victoriously.

A Father We Need. Too many of our leaders have disqualified themselves. They have refused to live up to righteous standards and have replaced biblical truths with a watered down version – hoping to win passing fame and popularity.

Leadership is more than a title. Our Church is in need of godly leaders who have insight on what it takes inspire a body of believers to live holy. We need leaders who can grow a church ministry to work effectively for the kingdom of God.

A Father We Need. Our Church is in need of godly leaders who can help usher in a spirit of sanctification and holy living. We need leaders who have proven to be vessels that the Lord can use effectively in ministry.

Leadership is more than a title. Bishop Thomas’ record demonstrates that he is more than just a title. He is a man that has worked as a co-laborer within his community and has continued to produce lasting results in the Church Of God In Christ.

A Father We Need. Bishop Thomas’ love for the Church Of God In Christ, his commitment to upholding its doctrine and his demonstrated support of leadership proves that he is able to shoulder this awesome responsibility.

Let's continue to usher our Church into her glorious future and we need fathers to guide us. Bishop Ted G. Thomas, Sr. is A Father We Need. Re-Elect Bishop Ted Thomas to the General Board.

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